About My Journey

My husband I got married in December of 2007, and over Christmas of 2008 we decided we were ready to start a family – we both want a lot of children and a big family… and we want to have two children before we’re thirty (in 2008 we were both 22).

After trying for five months, my period was 10 days late, never having been late previously. I took HPT’s and they were all negative… but, still convinced I must be pregnant (I have a HIGH metabolism, and have read that this can cause one to have a negative HPT even when actually pregnant)… alas, I got my period in the middle of the night on Mother’s Day. It was so painful and devastating, that I was actually convinced it was an early miscarriage.. which I do not believe now… but I did not understand the pain of IF and TTC at the time.

Fast-forward two years, I told my OB-GYN that we had been trying and she offered clomid, which I turned down..

By the end of 2010 I was used to long cycles or late periods without pregnancy…

Then, April 2011 – no period at all… I had to take progesterone pills to get my period started… so my OB-GYN said she suspects that I am not ovulating (I had been using OPK’s, but had been experiencing trouble deciphering the results – I have since switched to digital), and offered clomid again… I accepted…

May/June 2011 – first month on clomid … no ovulation, but… AF arrived on her own accord… a 27 day cycle…

June/July 2011 – second month/cycle on clomid…ovulated….BFN

July/August 2011 – third month/cycle on clomid…ovulated…BFN

August 2011 – present -Trying without the clomid  until I’m done with school and student teaching – then we will consider going to an RE. Will keep tracking and charting my BBTs to confirm ovulation and try to time BDing right.


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