a glimpse into our reality



one thing i don’t think fertile people realize, is all the “baby” stuff that we’ve considered over the years of ttc — i think it’s natural for any couple who is ttc to start “planning” for baby…. “when we’re pregnant we will need to….” “when baby comes we should….” etc. But, when you’ve been ttc for 2+ years… it’s a lot of time to plan.

now – imagine you have an idea of

  • how you’re going to design the nursery
  • boy and girl names for baby
  • how you’re going to document baby’s life
  • how you’d like maternity pics to be taken
  • how you’d like newborn pics to be taken
  • baby shower ideas maybe
  • etc etc
then… a dozen people get pregnant before you….
chances are – any number of the above mentioned items will be “taken”… the worst being baby names of course. i’ve always loved the name aidan – but, my exboyfriend named his son that – so now it is out of the question. for me – one of the worst things is the photograph ideas…
i love to take photos and have been trying to grow and improve. i’ve been paying close attention to newborn and maternity shoots for ages now – getting ideas, etc.
i have some pretty nifty equipment for taking pics at home and have been excited to get the opportunity to take some great pics myself… rather than hiring someone or going somewhere, etc…
then of course – the “mom” from “The Couple” did that with her newborn… she made headbands and took some “semi-professional” looking pictures.
i don’t care what people think – but there is nothing worse than having people think you’re “copying” something they did…when in fact…. you know that you’ve had it “in the works” for years!! eugh!
sorry if this seems petty… but not only is it frustrating, because now “it’s been done”…but it’s also frustrating and painful to watch someone getting to do something you’ve been SO excited to do for years!
well – this is our reality… and I’m actually okay with it – you get used to it i guess, and it gets easier (especially when you avoid the people who are doing all the things you’re longing to do…)

5 responses to “a glimpse into our reality

  1. I’m so sorry hun!! I pray for you often and I know you’ll have your sticky baby soon. I can only imagine how hard it must be to hear all your friends doing the things you want to do. Hugs.

  2. I pray for you every day, dear Sherrie. You have a beautiful soul and incredible faith. Stay excited about all those things you want to do. You are such a blessing – and you will be blessed. Love and hugs xox

  3. I’m gonna be blunt: Screw them. Who cares if someone thinks you’re a copycat? I mean, I know, it makes sense that you feel this way. But still: screw them. When you finally get that bloated belly and a healthy pregnancy, I’m sure you’ll embrace it and enjoy every minute of it, and I’m sure you won’t care if something’s been done before. You’ll enjoy it, because you deserve it!

    • Lol- thanks Mo!! You’re absolutely right- and I really don’t care… I just think that all of those things are things that fertiles take for granted and things that people don’t think about when they think about infertility, etc.

      At the end of the day- my life is my life and I can’t let anyone else effect how I live my life and how I pursue my dreams!!

      You’re the best Mo and I appreciate your honesty, encouragement, and support!! 🙂
      Love & hugs!

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